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It’s an exciting time to be a practicing hygienist than right now. Lasers have become today's leading edge of Dental Hygiene because of the tremendous benefits, including accelerated results in tissue improvements, bacterial reduction, periodontal pocket depth reduction and so much more. I am the instructor for ALH and a "wet finger practicing hygienist" using lasers routinely on patients. I understand the valuable advantage of working with lasers and can guide you successfully through the trials of implementing laser therapy.

Learn the Laser’s Role in Soft Tissue Management, What Can the Laser Do? You will be presented with case studies and video examples. Some of the results include: more predictable pocket reduction, bacterial reduction, and in some cases - improved radiographic results.

Explore the Possibilities of the Waterlase in The Hygiene Room: You will see the benefits and uses; how the hygienist & dentist share in co-therapy phases; exciting Waterlase & diode treatment integration with a Waterlase Case Study.

Learn about Various Chemotherapeutics and Adjunctive Therapies: What, When, Where, Why, and How to use them.


Become Familiar With Lasers - Laser physics & basic science are the foundation of your laser therapy program. You will build the knowledge base necessary to explain laser treatment to your patients, encouraging their compliance and commitment to periodontal care.

Understand Your Laser – HANDS-ON: Master effective and efficient routines involving all the buttons, functions, and fiber treatments used in the different modalities of your laser.

HANDS-ON with the Diode: Experience Tissue Interaction. What are the Laser’s effects on tissue? You will learn to recognize texture and color changes in tissue using pig mandibles in a clinical simulation.

Put it all Together: Learn verbal skills for optimal patient involvement, insurance codes for maximizing patient benefits, strategies, and hands-on practice for successful scheduling of a productive, low-stress day.

Learn to design treatment plans according to the level of disease. Receive guidelines for effective treatment planning.

Receive Academy of Laser Dentistry and World Clinical Laser Institute Certification and earn 16 hours of CE credit.

ABOUT US     •    EDUCATORS     •     SEMINARS     •    CALENDAR     •    REGISTER 

Presented by Gloria Monzon, R.D.H.
Gloria's Cell: (408) 832-0043        Office: (408) 262-8708