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Presented by: Gloria E. Monzon, R.D.H.

Advanced Laser Hygiene provides exceptional laser education for the hygiene department.   Gloria is a practicing hygienist teaching doctors and their entire team what they love to do - laser-assisted periodontal therapy.   She uses lasers routinely for patient care and understands the advantages and challenges of lasers in hygiene.   Her goal is not only to provide you with a comprehensive education but to share her experiences to hasten you along the laser learning curve.   Gloria has been instructing hygienists and doctors on the implementation of lasers in the hygiene department for over ten years with Dr. Robert Barr.  She is a "wet-fingered" practicing hygienist with 13 years of laser experience.  Educator

Why Lasers in Hygiene?

With the public's heightened awareness of the connection between oral and systemic disease, we are treating more knowledgeable and sophisticated patients. These patients are demanding more progressive and preventive periodontal care.   As our laser-assisted periodontal therapy serves this need, we have seen increases in patient trust, knowledge, value perception, and ultimately: Commitment to needed care.   As a result, we, as hygienists, are not only gratified, but more productive as well.

Some of the benefits of lasers we have experienced include:

•  bacterial reduction

•  accelerated results in tissue improvements

•  periodontal pocket depth reduction

•  bio-stimulation of tissue

•  Hemostasis


Presented by Gloria Monzon, R.D.H.
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Advanced Laser Hygiene
Hygienists Teaching Hygiene Lasers:

Diode and Waterlase Hygiene Seminars

Advanced Laser Hygiene offers a comprehensive two-day hands-on seminar in laser-assisted periodontal therapy - the perfect choice for raising your hygiene team to the next level of excellence.      We utilize Dr. Robert Barr's complete protocol for implementing lasers in periodontal care, and our seminars run simultaneously with some of Dr. Robert Barr and Dr. Mark Colonna's Waterlase Training Courses.

Our course consists of a general laser overview with special emphasis on Diode and Waterlase lasers in hygiene applications.  It goes beyond laser science and leaps into implementation, practice, and protocols from fundamental to advanced periodontal laser therapy.  The course utilizes the latest technologies to develop advanced techniques and instrumentation skills.  This Hygiene Course is a WCLI Associate Fellowship and ALD Standard Proficiency Certification Course. Class size is limited in order to provide a unique, personal, and enjoyable continuing education experience.

More About The Laser Course

At every step of the way, your particular needs and concerns will be addressed. Our customized, hands-on attention ensures you will be comfortable with your skills and understanding of the lasers.   The step-by-step laser techniques will be presented as a lecture. PowerPoint presentation will show actual patient case studies and examples.   A video will show how lasers are used on patients and real laser tissue interaction.    Then, practice on pig mandibles will reinforce assimilation of each procedure. When the training is complete, clinicians will be able to immediately apply this information in their periodontal soft tissue therapy programs...You'll be ready to treat patients the next day!   If you want to provide more definitive and predictable periodontal care to your patients, this is a course you won't want to miss!

 Included among the many topics covered are: Laser physics, Hands-On Lasers in Hygiene, Diode and Waterlase Integration, Diagnosing Guidelines, Treatment Planning, Verbal skills, Insurance Codes, and Scheduling.    This course is meets the World Clinical Laser Institute Associate Fellowship Certification as well as the Academy of Laser Dentistry's curriculum guideline and standards for dental laser education.

In addition to providing comprehensive laser training, this course is designed to develop and enhance the important skills of recognizing and understanding tissue interaction with laser energy.   This is critical to patient comfort and the successful outcome of any periodontal therapy.

Supporting Laser Study Results

•  More effective than scaling and rootplaning alone, improving gingival index, bleeding index, reduction in pathogens American Dental Technologies 1997

•  Reduces orally induced bacteremias Pinero1997

•  Laser irradiation stimulates fibroblast proliferation   Pereira A

•  Prevents re-colonization of subgingival lesions by pathogenic microorganisms. Chan Y, Lai CH.

•  Laser reveals a bactericidal effect and helps to reduce inflammation in the periodontal pockets

Supports healing of the periodontal pockets through eliminating bacteria. Moritz

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